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Theme 2018


The wide selection of events at Reykjavik Arts Festival 2018 will evolve around the theme of ‘Home’.  The theme gives a layer of meaningful context and depth to the selection of the festival and connects and mirrors otherwise unrelated events in new and exciting ways.

Home as political / sociopolitical phenomenon

One way to look at the concept of Home is in the light of increasing migration and mobility of people around the globe, both for political and economical reasons. What is the meaning of ‘home’ to the one who has lost everything? To what extent has increased tourism, the internet and globalisation affected our concept of ‘home’?

Home from a historical perspective

‘Home’ can also be viewed from a cultural and historical perspective. The year 2018 marks the centenary of the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union, which recognised Iceland as a fully sovereign state. What is a ‘home country’? How does the idea of ‘home’ relate to personal and national identity?

Home from a personal / artistic perspective

When do we truly feel ‘at home’? What connects us to places and other people in a way which makes us feel as we have ‘come home’? Are the Arts maybe a continuous search for this connection?


Each edition of the festival has a clear theme which speaks to a modern audience and creates a meaningful context for artists and audiences alike.
(From Festival Strategy 2017-2020)