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Strategy 2017-2020


In an ever-changing cultural landscape, Reykjavik Arts Festival is in a unique position to serve as a generator of innovation and collaboration within the field of arts.

The festival’s roots reach deep, locally and internationally. It serves as a gateway and a platform for artistic creation of the highest level from all corners of the world. Reykjavik Arts Festival engages with its audience in an inclusive and dynamic way. Arts and culture are not to be reserved for the privileged few but are a right for all.

Reykjavik Arts Festival is a platform for exchange and collaboration across the arts disciplines and across borders. It aims to surprise, represent the true and wonderful diversity of humanity, to be present and visible within the city as well as reaching out to other parts of the country.

Programming is driven by courage and the aim is always for events to have significance and value for the local community.

Each edition of the festival has a clear theme which speaks to a modern audience and creates a meaningful context for artists and audiences alike. 


Click HERE for the full strategy plan (in Icelandic only).