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Open Call for Proposals for Reykjavik Arts Festival 2020

Reykjavik Arts Festival invites artists to submit proposals for the 2020 edition of the festival, taking place from 6th to 21st June 2020.


The theme this time, will be  “WORLDS“ (in Icelandic: HEIMAR), a sister theme to the 2018 edition‘s HOME (Icelandic: HEIMA).   The theme is multi-layered in its simplicity and is open to interpretation.

The festival celebrates its 50th anniversary next year. Therefore, it is only appropriate that worlds of different times will to some extent echo through its programming. The 2020 edition of the festival will thus be in a dynamic dialogue with its own history, at the same time as it takes a brave leap towards an unpredictable future.

From the beginning, Reykjavik Arts Festival has been a cultural gateway between Iceland and the rest of the world. In an era of growing nationalism it is now more important than ever to keep this gateway wide open while at the same time facing the demanding moral questions about the negative effects of travel and consumption on our environment.

We are surrounded by a myriad of worlds and endless possibilities. Arts, technology and science, in constant flux, open up a complex reality for us, so overwhelming that we are forced to reduce it to smaller worlds: My world. But no world is disconnected from others. They coexist in a constant responsive state to other worlds – to other perspectives and principles. 


All artists are welcome to submit proposals for the festival. Proposals may be of any scale, but larger scale projects will need to have some funding secured to be taken into consideration.

Reykjavik Arts Festival puts special focus on new work and the creative intersection of the arts. Family friendly events, events outside of the Reykavík area and in public spaces is especially welcomed as well as participatory events and work which reaches outside of the traditional sphere of arts or to groups which do not attend arts events on a regular basis.


All proposals need to be submitted via our online form which is to be found HERE.

Deadline is at midnight 6th May 2019.